Hi, I ‘m Luisa. 

I help highly motivated people who want to launch their first cosmetic line and realize their dreams.

 I also work with entrepreneurs in the cosmetic field helping them increase their profits, complying with FDA or EU regulations, and efficiently organizing their production.



Everything changed when I moved from Italy to the U.S. Until then, my life had been pretty ordinary; I graduated from college and was working on my Ph.D. One A few months later,  I decided to leave everything I knew and move to the U.S. permanently. My mom wasn’t there to support me anymore. Therefore, I started going to interviews and with my degree, I found a job in a cosmetic company as a chemist. …I was finally able to support myself… I quickly gained new skills and business insights. In a few months, I ended up supervising the bulk production and finally became responsible for the creation of ALL their formulas. I was unsatisfied, though. Meaningless meetings and working “emergencies” were depleting my energies and motivation. My days looked all the same. I hated not to have a flexible schedule, and not being able to do things MY WAY. My personality pushed me to challenge myself once again. I started working as a freelancer in my spare time. Helping people launching their first line gave me the enthusiasm I needed and the variety of tasks I was looking for. Their success was mine. THE END OF THE STORY: I left the corporate world with no regrets and today I assist my clients full time. When I am not working, I am learning something new (or working out).


  • Production planning, machinery investment.
  • Labels and packaging according to FDA regulations.
  • Formulations revision.
  • Stability testing.

  • EU export consultation.
  • Creation of customs documents for your business.
  • New formulas development.
  • …and much more.

Read what my clients say about me.

Luisa was extremely professional and paid patent attention to detail when it came to developing our formula. She was able to create a formula for us that fit our criteria… and… she was able to troubleshoot any problems we encountered along the way. She will help you get a winning formula and goes the extra mile to get it done (Extremely quickly, too!)”
Mac Austin


Luisa is awesome she can really can make your vision come true! I will be going through Luisa again for other cosmetics as well. Thank you for making Her Majesty a reality!
Uniqua Glaude

I worked with Luisa on a custom formulation, and was very impressed with her work. Not only did my cream come out flawless; Luisa was incredibly professional. She took my direction and vision, made recommends and created exactly what I was looking for. I could not say enough good things about her. I will definitely be working with her again.
Kristy Billman , Sacred Health and Beauty

I started working with Luisa about a year ago and I have never turned back. I was drawn to her passion for her craft as well as her dedication to getting the finished product that I wanted to achieve. She has always been very responsive and very upfront, which has been very much appreciated. If you are looking to get your creation from an idea to a reality, look no further. 10/10 experience.
Anthony Violante