4 Large Refillable roll on bottles for deodorants or thin lotions | Buy from Amazon
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Large Refillable Roll On bottles. Set of 4


  • REFILLABLE: screw off the top, pour your liquid in and then reseal it.
  • LEAK PROOF when used as intended (deodorants or thin lotions).
  •  100% SATISFACTION POLICY. You’ll be buying the product from Amazon. This means if you’re not satisfied with the product, you can be assured you’ll have your money back. Plus you can take advantage of Prime 2 days shipping. 
  • FREE EBOOK with a formula for a natural deodorant.

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These large & refillable Roll On bottles are intended for those looking to whip up their own handcrafted deodorants.

While typical empty deodorant bottles can get messy when filling & during packaging, these have been designed to simplify the process. They’re easy to assemble & disassemble + highly protective to prevent leakage & contamination.

Made out of HDPE plastic, our roller ball bottles are extra durable, stain-resistant & easy to recycle. I suggest sanitizing the inside of the bottles with an alcohol/water solution when refilling to ensure they stay clean & contaminant-free between fillings.

Though usually used for deodorants, these refillable roll on bottles can be used for so many more things. Use them to create your own skincare elixirs! There are plenty of possibilities, so go ahead & do what you have to 😀

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50 ml or 1.7 oz


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