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This is how it feels to work with us

“I worked with Luisa to create a new line of skin care products, including serums, a cleanser and a moisturizer. From our very first conversation I knew it will be a great collaboration – Luisa spent time and listened to my ideas for the formulas, she offered valuable advise and shared deep knowledge not only about the technical aspects of the formulation but also the marketing. Her communication was always friendly, clear and timely, which I really appreciate. We discussed and finalized our ingredients before she formulated the first test batches, that way we were always on the same page and so the first tests were nearly perfect, however we did tweak them a couple of times, Luisa was open and receptive to my notes and implemented them right away. I now have four different formulas in production and I couldn’t be happier! Genuinely enjoyed the entire process and look forward to working with her again! Thank you Luisa!

Julia, G

When we set out to begin product development for our skincare line, we were overwhelmed and not sure where to begin. We set out to create quality, effective natural products, but needed an expert to help gather the right ingredients to create the perfect line for us.

We connected with Luisa and she immediately understood not only our product/formulation needs but also understand our brand and marketing aspirations. It was crucial for us to find someone who understood our audience and the cultural, personality aspect of our brand and Luisa was able to help advise and develop our line exactly the way we had envisioned it. Through her expertise and patience, we successfully completed our formulation process! I would not hesitate to work with Luisa again and as a matter of fact, she would be the first one we’d turn to for future work!

Chris & Gina, NYC.