Luisa Fanzani | Professional Freelancer Cosmetic Chemist

Amazing Skincare custom formulations to get you started in the beauty industry

I am a graduated cosmetic chemist and the founder of luisa fanzani cosmetics lab LLC.

In the last few years I've helped hundreds of people launching their own beauty brand with simple, yet unique, thriving formulations.

Are you going to be the next?


You're already making your own products but want to take your formulations to the next level. 

Head to the blog or Contact me to discuss your case. 


You want to start selling cosmetics now or have a great idea for a product. 

Read this post on how to get started or contact me


In you own a business, we can help with medium size batches manufacturing. Low MOQ.

Contact me for more information.

Why should you work with me?

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    Quick turn around time: receive your custom proprietary formula within 2 weeks (may take longer if the formula includes unusual ingredients).  
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    You're never alone! I am available to answer all your questions, even after the project is completed. 
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    Vast experience in multiple skincare products, including but not limited to, natural & organic products. My formulations never contains fillers, dangerous or ingredients that have been not discussed with the client.
  • Great Customization options: your formula will contain exactly the ingredients you choose plus those necessary to ensure stability and preservation. Period. I'll never try to sell ingredients you don't need or include them in the formulation. Have no idea which ingredients you should be including? No problem! I'll be happy to help you with that.

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