Luisa fanzani formulator

Luisa Fanzani

Brescia – Italy

Hi there! I’m Luisa.


I’m the founder of Luisa True Skincare where we use the truth as the main ingredient. 

Here’s my story…

Before I moved to the U.S, I had never thought about starting a business; actually Didn’t even know  anyone who did it. Yet, here I am 😉

I was born in a very small town in Italy called Brescia.

I did everything I was “supposed” to…go to college, graduate, and find a job. 

On my first day of work, I vividly remember thinking “Okay, so am I supposed to this everyday for the next 40/50 years”?

I fell in love with the USA during my high school years when I got the chance of visiting Boston. 

My dream has been to move to the US ever since.

When I was 28, I left everything I knew and realized my dream. Thanks to my degree, I found a job in a cosmetic company Los Angeles based.

I quickly gained new skills and business insights. In a few months, I ended up supervising the bulk production and finally became head chemist for the same company.

I was unsatisfied, though.

I felt like we were cheating on people  to make more money and I hated it.

All decisions on products were not based on facts and science but on what ingredient costs less money.

My work ethic was horrible, but somehow it put me on the right path.

I started working as a freelancer during working hours for this company. I was creating formulations for people who wanted to start selling beauty products.

Helping people launching their first line gave me the enthusiasm I needed, and the variety of tasks I was looking for.

I left the corporate world with no regrets.

I created my own brand and helped hundreds of people starting their own beauty line.

When I am not working, I am exercising, reading, taking photos, or answering skincare questions on Quora.

Core values

  • Doing the right thing. Even if it means missing a sale.
  • Going the extra mile.
  • Accepting responsibility.
  • Discipline.
  • Work hard, live well.
  • Learning.

You can connect with me here: