Build your beauty business from the foundations. 

The FIRST guide to launch a cosmetic product on the market.

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"A simple roadmap that ANYONE can use to start selling beauty products." 

  • Save hours of endless internet research. Discover right away what it takes to start a cosmetic line thanks to a precise checklist of the necessary step.
  • Don't waste money on developing products that won't sell.  Instead, learn how to create products people actually want to buy. 
  • Get guidance from an industry insider with years of experience. From formulation to branding, and everything in between. 
  • Build a brand that people trust. Help your customers feel and look great in their skin.
  • Start a career in a field you're passionate about. 

Why should you start a business in the beauty industry?

The beauty industry is constantly growing. 

According to Inkwood research, the industry will grow up to 750 billions by 2024.

Nowadays entry barriers are low thanks to both the huge availability of online selling platforms and the increasing number of independent contractors ready to develop proprietary formulations. 

Starting a cosmetic line gives you the opportunity to build a successful business for you and your family while expressing your creativity and helping other people looking their best. 


 The features


Created for beginners

Starting a business might seem a daunting task, but it doesn't have to! Each step of the process is clearly explained. You'll know where to start to put the work in.


List of resources included

All the tools I've personally used to launch my beauty business. These include books, websites, and ingredients suppliers. Yes, I could never sell an ebook on how to start a cosmetic line without having done it myself.


Product ideas section

Learn which products you should be launching to beat competition and build a highly profitable business since its embryonic phase. 


Written by an industry expert

Discover what are the major pain points of this kind of business and get answers you can rely on. 

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What fellow entrepreneurs are saying:

I finally found answers to my questions

I had an idea for a new lip balm but didn't know how to turn it into reality. I started researching Facebook groups but could not find the answers I was looking for. I found Luisa's ebook through Google and decided to purchase. It literally changed my prospective. I'm still working with Luisa, and I'll be launching my first product within 5 months. 

DIANA BYATT //  Teacher

Luisa was awesome

I met Luisa for coffee and was blown away with the amount of value she provided. I am a marketing guy, I don't know anything about formulations. Luisa helped me creating a great product I'm currently selling on Amazon.

MARC MITFORD  //  Digital Marketing expert


Why should you buy this guide?

Translating an idea into something concrete is intimidating.  

You find yourself overwhelmed by questions and doubts. 

You are afraid of losing time and money.

You don't know what to start from, so you simply don't act. 

You don't even know whether your idea makes sense. 

I went through the same exact process years ago. 

Truth is, everyone needs guidance; yet sometimes we don't even dare to ask. 

Luckily we live in the internet era! I've learned a lot through the web. I found mentors ready to share their knowledge.

Now it's time I give back. 

If you're determined to pursue your project, let the journey begin TODAY!

Product Overview 



Part 1 what to expect when you start a business. An introduction. It will help you understand if you're starting this business to only make money, you won't succeed. You must have a deeper motivation that drives you. 



Part 2 goes into details about the necessary steps to undertake when you want to transform an idea to a physical product. No need to reinvent the wheel. You don't need a revolutionary idea to start a beauty business. You only need to pay attention to what's around you and make it 10X, 100X, 1000X better.



Part 3 contains a list of resources to help you start your business "the easy way". I have started a business myself and literally spent hours researching and reading reviews. I wish someone would just told me which services to use and books to read to form a LLC, buy ingredients, design my labels, and everything in between.


My mission is to show people that there's an alternative to boring 9 to 5 jobs.

I am so passionate about entrepreneurship...and about cosmetic chemistry, of course!

What I do best: I am very patient and never get tired of teaching people how to start a beauty business.


Join other beauty entrepreneurs

"I wish I would have had this roadmap two years ago when I started.  I paid almost $500 only in consultation fees".

MUTSUMI KAWASHIMA //  Makeup artist

I was planning on giving this guide 5 minutes... I ended up reading the whole thing! Luisa definitely knows how to do her job. 

SYLVIA GIOMMI  //  Designer

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