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Starting a cosmetic line- the challenges

Have you spent a lot of time researching and have a clear idea of what you want but wondering how can you translate your idea into a physical product ? I can help!

I have 5+ years working experience as cosmetic chemist and have successfully developed more than 300 products.



 Prior to working with you, I have interviewed and toured 14 labs and worked with 7, not including my Fragrance labs, which amounts to 5 more.  I have given every chemist and fragrance designer my detailed product development profiles, product samples, and ingredients lists, exactly what I gave to you — yet, in most cases, I received very poor quality samples that were nowhere near the benchmarks.  Samples were promised in 1 to 2 weeks and never delivered on time, usually in 4 to 8 weeks.  Formulas were not stable, fragrances were terrible, performance was in many cases completely wrong.  Services were rendered poorly.  There’s a lot of promises, and people always offer to make another sample at no charge.  But, by the time you get the first sample, if it’s off the mark, serious money and critical time have already been wasted.  This happens in every industry. (Serena, Los Angeles).

Why working with me?

While there's plenty of cosmetic laboratories that could assist you in your project, working with me comes with unique benefits such as:

  • Tailored ingredients list. While some other labs create formulas and "push" certain ingredients, working with me is a completely different experience. You are in control and decide which ingredients to include. Or, we can discuss together different options.
  • Samples are stability- guaranteed.
  • Get everything you need in one place: formulation, stability tests, small batches for testing, and labelling assistance.
  • No middlemen. You'll be working directly with me. All communications, samples and decisions will be between me and you only.
  • Expedite service: I will deliver the first set of samples in 2 weeks or less. If I don't , it's on me.
  • Great customer service: the project doesn't end with the delivery of a satisfactory formulation. Email me your questions anytime, and I will reply in less than 24h.


 New York 


When we set out to begin product development for our skincare line, we were overwhelmed and not sure where to begin. We set out to create quality, effective natural products, but needed an expert to help gather the right ingredients to create the perfect line for us.

We connected with Luisa and she immediately understood not only our product/formulation needs but also understand our brand and marketing aspirations. It was crucial for us to find someone who understood our audience and the cultural, personality aspect of our brand and Luisa was able to help advise and develop our line exactly the way we had envisioned it.

Through her expertise and patience, we successfully completed our formulation process! I would not hesitate to work with Luisa again and as a matter of fact, she would be the first one we’d turn to for future work!

 Kristy Billman 



I worked with Luisa on a custom formula and was very impressed with her work. Not only did my cream come out flawless; Luisa was incredibly professional. She took my direction and vision, made recommends and created exactly what I was looking for. I could not say enough good things about her. I will definitely be working with her again.

 Mark Young

  Ontario, Canada


Luisa was extremely professional and paid attention to detail when it came to developing our formula. She was able to create a formula for us that fit our criteria... and... she was able to troubleshoot any problems we encountered along the way. She will help you get a winning formula and goes the extra mile to get it done (Extremely quickly, too!)

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