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Your story is unique, but we have something in common: our passion for cosmetics and our drive to run a successful & ethical business.

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Rather than using a one -fits- all approach, I offer solutions tailored on you and where you are on your journey.

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Launching and growing a beauty business is simple but not easy.

Most cosmetic chemists know about chemistry, yet completely ignore what it really takes to launch, grow and scale a beauty business. 

Getting guidance from someone who has actually done what you’re trying to do saves you lots of frustration, money, and time.

I have done that – launching and growing a real skincare line without having any prior connection or investors.

I’ve also worked with hundreds of clients just like you and was featured in the Netflix documentary “Broken” where I explain the consequences of not following FDA regulations.

Get guidance directly from me, bypass hours of frustrating internet research and start selling your products.


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