Start your home-based beauty business. (With a professional custom formulation)

Do you know why formulas you find for free don’t work?

Because they were created by people with 0 chemistry, dermatology, and biology background. 

Formulating cosmetics doesn’t mean to mix together a bunch of ingredients, add some wax to keep them together, and hope for the best.

If you have tried one of these “recipes” and did not obtained a great product, it is not your fault.

It’s complicated. 

Otherwise , why would I have spent years in college and as a trainee in one of the biggest USA cosmetic companies (read my story here)?

If you want to start building your beauty brand, don’t make this common mistake. Instead, start with a formula that delivers exactly what promises and is stable and safe.

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This is for you if…


  • bullseyeYou are tired of wasting time trying to replicate other people’s recipes obtaining awful results.
  • bullseyeYou understand that nobody will ever give away something really valuable for free.
  • bullseyeYou would like to start a small home-based business selling your products.
  • bullseyeYou have an idea, but don’t know how to transform it into a reality.

Why buying from me?

Custom proprietary formula

The formula will be created for you only. It won’t be disclosed to other people (NDA signature requested).

Ingredients Talk

You’re in control  when it comes to ingredients. I will include exactly what you want.

Easy ingredients sourcing

No need to spend hours trying to source a particular ingredients. I will send you links to stores that carry the ingredients you need.

Home-lab setup suggestions

Learn which tools you need to make quality products.

I want my formula>>

Luisa was extremely professional and paid attention to detail when it came to developing our formula. She was able to create a formula for us that fit our criteria… and… she was able to troubleshoot any problems we encountered along the way. She will help you get a winning formula and goes the extra mile to get it done (Extremely quickly, too!)

Mark Young, Ontario

What You’ll Get

You’ll be receiving:

  • Excel template to calculate % and amount of each ingredient.
  • 1 Custom proprietary formula for ANY product you want.
  • Description of manufacturing procedure and ingredients sources.

$199     $149

NOTE: due to high demand, I am able to accept only 8 additional clients this month.

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Try it Out 100% Risk-FREE for 30 DAYS!

Don’t like the formula or cannot do it? No problem! Send me a message with a brief explanation and I will refund the whole amount. You KEEP THE FORMULA.


What my clients say about me…

When we set out to begin product development for our skincare line, we were overwhelmed and not sure where to begin. We set out to create quality, effective natural products, but needed an expert to help gather the right ingredients to create the perfect line for us.We connected with Luisa and she immediately understood not only our product/formulation needs but also understand our brand and marketing aspirations. It was crucial for us to find someone who understood our audience and the cultural, personality aspect of our brand and Luisa was able to help advise and develop our line exactly the way we had envisioned it.Through her expertise and patience, we successfully completed our formulation process! I would not hesitate to work with Luisa again and as a matter of fact, she would be the first one we’d turn to for future work!

Jina, New York

I worked with Luisa on a custom formula and was very impressed with her work. Not only did my cream come out flawless; Luisa was incredibly professional. She took my direction and vision, made recommends and created exactly what I was looking for. I could not say enough good things about her. I will definitely be working with her again.

Kristy Billman, Phoenix


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:


How long will it take to receive my formula?

You’ll receive your formula in 4 days.


Do I have to purchase something else?

Depending on the product you want to make, you might need to purchase some lab tools.


What happens after I make the product? Do you offer additional assistance?

Yes. I have created a Facebook closed group where you can ask questions. I, or someone from my team, will provide detailed answers on regulations, packaging etc.


I don’t like my formula, how can I get a refund?

Please send an email to with a brief explanation of what went wrong, and I’ll refund you the whole amount.


Can you accommodate special requests?

Yes. Please describe what you need in the sale page.

Yes, I want my formula>>

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