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Moisturizing body oil


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A head-to-toe multitasking oil. One product does it all: moisturizes, removes stubborn makeup, helps you shaving, gives new life to your hair (or beard). This multi-purpose oil is intended for normal skin.

Why multi-purpose?

We don't fully embrace the concept of "skincare routine" which only serves the beauty industry by making you buying 10+ products; one, two, maximum three products are sufficient when they're produced with high quality ingredients and are not diluted. If you want to learn more, read this article I wrote and this answer on Quora.

We want to apply the concepts of minimalism to cosmetics

When it comes to cosmetics, having less ingredients grants a higher quality product. We have selected and blended the very best natural oils and are pleased to offer them to you. 

None of the ingredients is present at less than 2% which, believe it or not, is unusual in the beauty industry. We refuse to add ingredients at “marketing levels” just to claim they’re there. We don't overcharge for nice packaging or design. We only care about what's inside our bottles.  

The chemist's take 

Oils are classified as emollients; they nourish, lubricate, and keep the skin hydrated by locking in pre-existing moisture. This means that if your skin lacks moisture (i.e it is dry), applying oil alone won't help. You have to replenish natural moisture first.

How do I do that?

By using a 2 steps approach. Step #1 consists of drinking more water and avoid irritant agents (for example essential oils and fragrances). Step #2 involves the use of skincare products intended to replenish the skin with essential fatty acids, ceramides, and phospholipids. Hygroscopic ingredients are very useful , too, as they're able to subtract water from the environment and give it to the skin (for example glycerin).

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