10 skincare tips for beginners

10 Skincare Tips Every Beginner Should Know

Skincare for beginners can be confusing and overwhelming. 

With so many products and conflicting advice, it can be confusing to know where to start, especially if you’re new to the game.

That’s why I’m here!

The day I started to (seriously) taking care of my skin was in my mid 20’s. What prompted me was dull skin with acne. 

Think about it: How come we always wait to do something when it becomes an emergency? 

A much better approach is to start taking care of the skin when it’s in good conditions and keep it healthy and glowing from there.

Yes, “emergency” will still happen occasionally but we will have all the right tools to solve them.

I’m about to share 10 skincare tips for beginners  that will allow you to create an effective skin care routine to address specific concerns and goals whether it’s keep skin healthy, fighting aging signs and anything in between.

Ready? Let’s go.

1. Determine your skin type.

This is where all the magic begins. 

Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and don’t apply anything on it for 24 hours. See what happens with a sense of curiosity rather than expect something.

  • Skin feels tight: you probably have dry skin.
  • Skin feels fine: congrats, you have normal skin.
  • Skin feels oily and looks shiny: you have oily/acne-prone skin.
  • Skin is oily in the T zone yet dry (or normal) anywhere else: you have combination skin.

    beginner skincare: determine your skin type

2.Set a goal and a budget that also includes supplements.

Your goal could be keeping your skin healthy or addressing other concerns like wrinkles, acne, spots, etc.
I suggest you also set a budget because consistency is essential…if you can’t afford the products, you won’t rebuy them. Also, remember that you might have to spend more on healthy foods (nowadays more expensive than junk food) and perhaps supplements.

3. Choose products that address your skin type and concerns.

When choosing skincare products, it’s essential to consider your skin type and concerns. 

I don’t know all pruducts out there and I am not able to tell you with certainty what to use. With so many products  this is a challenging step. It doesn’t help that every country has its own local brands. This is why I need you to make an effort to learn about ingredients rather than single products. The way you understand if a product is for you or not is by analyzing the packaging first and then trying it on your skin.

These are some guidelines but please keep in mind that the list is not exhaustive and that there are exceptions.


  1. When someone tells you that only one product can solve your problem, they are lying: they are trying to sell you something. For example that  “medical-grade products are superior and you’re wasting money when buying  drug store ones ( “medical-grade” stuff are conveniently offered to you directly at the aesthetician salon and cannot be purchased anywhere else- I wonder why lol).
  2. When choosing a product, opt for one that shows concentrations of ingredients. 
All of them? Not necessarily, but look for some indication of quality! You want and have the right to know the amount of the “active” ingredient in the product. Same as with medicines, different concentrations do different things. This is vital information. I will always support brands that are transparent when it comes to showing the real ingredients list. I will say though that for some products knowing the % of certain ingredients is useless. These are for example cleansers, oils, certain masks etc.
  3. Opt for fragrance and dye-free products. to reduce risk of irritations and developing allergies (with time- if you use a product with fragrance just occasionally, you’re fine).
  4. Choose only science-backed ingredients.
 If you are a beginner you probably want to go with ingredients that have been proven to be effective in several clinical trials instead of guessing and go with new trending ingredients that no one really knows what they do. Stick to the basics like niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, retinol, acids, etc.

    natural extracts in skincare are added in minuscule amounts and won't make any visible change

  5. Don’t be fooled by natural extracts. These extracts are added in minuscule amounts and are not doing anything. I have worked as formulator for other companies for years and I know exactly how the majority works (that’s why I started Luisa True Skincare, but it is another story). To make you understand imagine adding 1 drop of green tea to a gallon of water. How much antioxidants you’re getting? Probably none. The same applies to skincare.
  6. To choose products that address your skin type and concerns, you can start by researching online or consulting a skincare professional. Look for products that are specifically formulated for your skin type, and read reviews from other people with similar skin concerns. If you’re interested in this kind of service, click here .

4. Patch testing and how to do it. 
patch testing for skincare

Choose a small skin area to test. This should be an inconspicuous area where the skin is thin such as the inside of your wrist. 
Apply a small amount of the product to the area. Use just enough to cover a small patch of skin about the size of a dime.
 Wait at least 24 hours. 
Check for any signs of irritation or allergic reaction. Look for redness, itching, swelling, or any other signs of discomfort. If you experience any of these symptoms, wash the area immediately and discontinue using the product.

If you do not experience any adverse reactions, you can safely incorporate the product into your skincare routine. However, it’s still important to introduce the product gradually and monitor your skin for any changes or reactions over time.


When you start any skincare regimen, you need to know that you must stay consistent to it for a few days (I would say at least a month, better if more). Don’t be like those people who start something and quit after a week. Make a promise to yourself and do it no matter what. 

I understand there will be days when you forget, don’t want to do it. That’s okay. My rule is for everything is “never more than 2 days”.

consistency is the rule of skincare and life.

Why you need to be consistent?

Changes in the skin don’t happen overnight or within minutes (like some immediate lifting product claim). Visible changes & healthy skin happen one decision at a time every day for years, I didn’t make the rules, it is what it is. 

Give products the time to send the right inputs to the skin so it can make renew itself and grow stronger. The skin is an organ made of millions of different cells; it takes time to modulate and regulate every compartment. You don’t expect to lose weight in one day, the skin is no different. 

6. Follow the instructions on the box.

The company that sells the product knows better how to apply it to obtain the best results. Just follow instructions and block out the noise. 

For example, the advice of applying products on dump skin doesn’t make sense, and you won’t find it written on a box, so don’t do it. Follow the instructions. 

7. Keep going

While you can stop some products when the problem is gone, other products should be used continuously, or the problem will represent itself (for example, anti-aging products).

skincare for beginners: conclusions

8. Don’t believe the foolishness

I urge you to use common sense. You have it even if you’re not a skincare expert, trust me. 

Example: I read online the theory that allegedly, after a while, your skin becomes “immune” to the products. It’s not true. If you don’t see  any other improvement the product has done what it was supposed to. If you stop it, your skin will revert to its old ways.

meme showing the satisfaction after finding the right skincare for beginners

9. If you don’t see results with one specific product, try another with the same active ingredient.

The formula plays a massive role in the delivery and effectiveness; the same ingredient different formula might mean that one product will benefit you and another one won’t.

10. Don’t choose products merely for their price (no matter if cheap or expensive).

Do yourself a favor and spend some time learning about ingredients and how a particular company operates. We, as consumers, have the power to change things by deciding whom we give money to.

The price alone is not an indication of quality. I’m sorry but there really isn’t any shortcut when it comes to skincare.

Skincare for beginners: conclusions

Your skin can i prove dramatically when you use the right products formulated with your best interest in mind. This happens whether you have never been neglected your skin for years or you have been taken care of it with consistency. 

You are a smart and beautiful woman. Use the brain mother nature gave you and make your own decisions.


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