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retinol vs retin a which one is better?

Retinol vs Retin A: Which Is BETTER?

What you’ll learn Retinol vs Retin-A: how are they different? Retinoids for anti-aging work by preventing collagen degradation and thickening the skin. The active compound that gives the anti-aging benefits is retinoic acid, or tretinoin. For this reason retinol MUST be converted into retinoic acid  to be effective. This transformation occurs in the skin as […]

collagen supplement luisa true skincare

Collagen for the skin – The definitive guide

In this article I’m going to share the major benefits of collagen for the skin and the science behind them. By the end you’ll have all the info you need to understand why , if , and how to supplement collagen. COLLAGEN FOR THE SKIN: INTRO WHAT FOODS CONTAIN COLLAGEN? Foods naturally rich in collagen […]

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